Thank You For Your Feedback!

Thank You For Your Feedback!

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Thank You For Your Feedback!

Firstly, thank you for writing to me and letting me know what you think about our Friday night salsa sessions.

Here is a summary of the feedback that I have received so far…

1. What you like about Friday night salsa:

  • “Good number of partners to dance with”;
  • “Slow step-by-step instructions”;
  • “Time to work separate components of the routine and then the routine itself”;
  • “Casual atmosphere”;
  • “Fun”;
  • “Lots of time to practice with separate partners”;
  • “Friendly and calm environment and the salsa and the dancing isn’t taken so seriously”;
  • “The fact that you don’t need to pay a lot of money”;
  • “Nice place to have a great time and learn how to dance”.

2. What you don’t like about Friday night salsa:

  • “Maybe more promo to get more people”.

3. What you think could be improved:

  • “Opportunity to learn about other styles of latin dance first like Rumba, Merengue, Bachata, Lambada, etc”;
  • “Adding more and different styles of dancing would be nice but once in a great while”;
  • “Guest instructions would be really interesting and nice to have around”;
  • “Having other styles of dance and inviting instructors to teach them will be fantastic and a positive move”.

I’m getting a lot of really positive feedback which is awesome and the idea of having guest instructors and teaching other styles of dance seems to be something that interests you so we’ll definitely look into it, if you are interested in being one of our guest instructors or know someone who is interested please let me know loc(at)adelaidedance(dot)com.

How you can help…

With regards to the issue of “more promo to get more people”, since we don’t make much money from the dance classes themselves we have to rely on word of mouth and other free sources of promotion such as Google and Facebook, by far the two most common ways in which people find out about our dance classes, so if you’re keen, here is what you can do to help:

  1. Let people know about the website
  2. Let people know about the Facebook page and suggest to friends
  3. If you’re really keen you can contribute content such as writing a news article, review or sending through an event invite, I have changed the scope of the website so that it is not just about salsa but incorporates any and every style of dance in Adelaide e.g. you could send through a review of a dance class or workshop that you have taken recently (it doesn’t have to be a salsa or hip hop class) and if I think that it is appropriate I will post it on the website.
  4. If you’re a Facebooker be sure to click the “like” button whenever you see it appear on the website and share stuff that you like with your friends.
  5. If you want to you can also send through any photos and / or videos that you have, if I think it’s appropriate I will publish it on the website and remember it is possible to upload photos and videos to our Facebook page yourself – be sure to tag anyone who appears in those photos / videos so that you’re Facebook friends can see it too.
  6. Feel free to get creative, in the past we have had people create posters and even t-shirts to help promote Friday night salsa, so there is really no limit to what you can do, it just depends on your creativity and your budget.
  7. If you have any other ideas and you think that you may need some help in order to get it done be sure to let me know so I can assist or at least point you in the right direction loc(at)adelaidedance(dot)com.

Website update and Facebook page…

I have made some changes to the website over the past few days and although it will look very similar to before, there are a few differences:

  1. The scope of the website has changed, although there is still a heavy salsa influence, the theme of the website is now Adelaide Dance – News, Reviews And Events which means that I will be looking to cover anything that is related to dance in Adelaide not just salsa, so if you have anything that you would like to contribute such as a news article, a review of a class or workshop that you have attended or an invite to a dance event be sure to let me know and if I think it’s appropriate I will publish it on our website.
  2. You can now access everything from the main domain and whilst still exists I won’t be updating that anymore, I’ve done this to reflect the broadening scope of the website and also because it will be easier for me to manage on the backend.
  3. You will notice that I have now created a new Facebook community page as distinct from the existing Facebook group, the reason for this is because Facebook pages allow better website integration, the downside is that I can’t send out email messages, so if you want to receive email updates you will need to sign up to our email list. I’ve done this intentionally so as to not double up on messages because I know that there are some people who are on the email list and who are also members of the Facebook group and because of that they are usually getting the same message twice but from two different sources. Now you have the option, either you can get your updates via your Facebook news stream by becoming a fan of the Facebook community page or you can sign up to the email list and get your updates via email (of course there is the option to do both which is ok too).
  4. I will be phasing out the Facebook group and eventually shutting it down so be sure to sign up to the new Facebook community page if you want to continue to receive updates via Facebook.

Alrighty then, thanks once again for all of your comments, feedback and suggestions, I will discuss it with the team and hopefully we will be able to make some changes that will be mutually beneficial for everyone.



P.S. Got a question? Hit me up at loc(at)adelaidedance(dot)com.

Thank You For Your Feedback!

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