Closed – Friday The 12th Of November 2010

Closed – Friday The 12th Of November 2010

Sorry, we ARE closed

Closed – Friday The 12th Of November 2010

The Hybrid Kinetic Dance Group will be on hiatus this Friday the 12th of November 2010, however if you are still keen to do some salsa dancing we recommend that you check out Rumba Latino Nights at the Talbot Hotel 104 Gouger Street city.

Ok, now that I have your attention it’s time for a quick Q&A session… I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately that I think merrit some clarification.

1. What Is The New Pricing Structure?

Here is the new fee structure:

  • Hip Hop classes $5 per lesson ($10 for both lessons).
  • Salsa classes $3 for one or both lessons.

I sent out an email last week stating that salsa classes are now $5 each which was incorrect, the new price only applies to Hip Hop classes.

2. What Other Salsa Classes And Activities Are Available In Adelaide?

There is quite a thriving community of Salsa dancers here in Adelaide.

Some of the major companies include:

  • Latin Dance Nation.
  • Latino Grooves.
  • Salsa Connection.
  • La Bomba.
  • Fame Dance Studios.

Just to name a few…

There is usually something on every night of the week so if you do a Google or FaceBook search for those companies I’m sure that you will find something!

3. Why Is Loc So Awesome?

Just coz, I was born that way, it’s undefinable… can’t be explained, sorry.

Closed – Friday The 12th Of November 2010